5/7/2015 -

Don't let the outside fool you...this is a beautiful little winery with fantastic wine selections! The owner is super friendly and entertaining. My friends and I came here for a wine tasting and had an excellent time. Very family oriented, which came with lots of adorable stories, and good company. 

7/9/2015 -

We were visiting the Wilkes-Barre area for the 4th of July weekend and decided to venture out to check out this winery. It is only a short drive from Wilkes-Barre. The building from the outside looks like a roadside general store but the inside looks much cozier. The owner greeted like old friends. He offered us a great selection of wine (14 in total - WOW). My wife and I really enjoyed the wine and our visit to Bartolai Winery. The prices are very reasonable. 

7/9/2012 -

Went with girlfriends and had a blast! Their wines are delicious, and the staff was very friendly and gave us lots of tastes (and even some shots). They also let us go in on a case together to get the 10% case discount. Highly reccomend 

1/13/2013 -

We came here to purchase wine making supplies as I bought my wife all of the equipment to begin this hobby together at christmas.  To our delight, we found one of the most incredible places this side of chicago!!  You walk up to the bar and are soon made to feel like family as the brothers pour generous "tastes" of their wine.  We chit chatted with several other patrons that added to the ambience,   Eventually, after we worked ourselves through the entire winelist, we purchased a bottle of a red cabernet and took to a table with some newfound friends.    A bottle of wine for like $14 bucks along with the glasses to listen to a wonderful LIVE band!!! All this for $14 bucks.  We did buy their cheese and fruit plate and it perfectly accompanied the wine.  My wife and I had a "date night of passion planned at home, including romantic sax music, light fare and wine.  We only intended to stop by this winery for supplies.  What we got was a SURPRISE!!  Sometimes the best laid plans!!!   I travel extensively and one of my favorite places in in Chicago  is at a club where they have dualing pianos.  Or to one of the clubs where blues is huge.  Other than the fact that these clubs are very well known and established, they have NOTHING on Bartolai Winery events!!!  We feel that we will become regulars here.  Would love to spread the word. We intend to invite some friends for a night to enjoy the great bands and wine very soon.  This is certainly one of N.E.P.A.'s littlest known secret, surely to become outstandingly famous in a very little time.  Get here and get in on the ground floor to see what the buzz is all about!!!  

7/31/2012 -

I went here on Saturday night to hear a band play.  Who would have thought that this place, waaaay out in the middle of nowhere, would have a live band playing original music in front of a decent crowd?  The space inside was spacious and had a lot of tables to sit at.  I went to the bar and ordered one of their wines - I got a BIG wineglass, filled all the way to the brim - for $5!!!!   It was seriously like a half a bottle of wine for $5.  Living in Philly, this was totally a nice surprise.  I would have had to pay at least $10 three times to get that much wine in any of my local bars or restaurants.  The only food offered were giant cheese plates with crackers and fruits.  This was a SPREAD.   A lot of food, and the cheese was good - sharp provolone.  You could smell its delicious smell from across the table.  When I walked in, many people had pizza boxes on their tables and were eating it.  I was under the impression that they served it but I found out this winery is BYOF - bring your own food.  There must have been a close-by pizzeria.  Extra points for the cool looking, long, medieval table in the room that looks like it came from the set of Harry Potter's Hogwarts dining room.

December 2017

I had an amazing time. We attended an event here this evening and it was wonderful. The wines I tried were absolutely delicious. I didn't have a sip that I didn't enjoy. The prices are great and Ray was fantastic. I will certainly be frequenting Bartolai again!


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