In the beautiful hills of Northern Italy, just outside of Lucca in the village of Treppignana, the dream, love,and art of wine making began for the Bartolai family.

Isodore Bartolai and his family made small batches of wine from carefully selected hand picked grapes from the family vineyard. Fermented and aged in oak barrels in a hillside cave, Bartolai wines were born.
"Chief" brought his skills and technique to the Cork Lane section of Pittston Twp., passing on his craft on to our father Albert. Each fall wine was made at the family homestead using a hand made wine press. The wine was stored in a wine cellar dug out of solid rock.

Albert then passed on the family traditions to his son Albert Jr., who made wine with our cousins in the same way our grandfather did. My brother Vince and I got involved soon after.  A family dinner of "polenta on the board" marks the end of the years wine making season.

Today the fourth generation of winemakers are involved in the process of making wine in the same way their fathers, grandfather, and great grandfather did. The tradition continues with the fifth generation... Lucca Raymond Bartolai Born 7/15/2012.

Our distant cousins tend to a family vineyard, harvest and make wine in the small Northern Italian Village of Borgo Massano. Bartolai Family wines have won numerous medals and awards, both locally and nationally.

We hope you enjoy our wines and olive oils. We are truly honored to share with you our passion of winemaking.

Our fourth generation winemakers, Lucca and Cassandra Bartolai, have inspired our most recent mead wines.