White Balsamic Seasoning
Premium Bittersweet
White Grape Balsamic Seasoning
Antica Acetaia della Vigna d'Oro


Premium Bittersweet White Grape Balsamic Seasoning is the result of the slow aging of white grape concentrates blended with premium mature white wine vinegar. Our Balsamic Seasoning has a warm limpid amber hue and a sweet, tart citrusy flavour that delights the pallete.
Color: Limpid and transparent with an amber hue.
Flavor: Dry, lively yet balanced with a memorable sweet grape aftertaste.
Aroma: Full flavoured, intense and long lasting with a hint of white grape.
Our Balsamico, with its tart aroma and transparent quality, makes it the seasoning of choice when the desire to preserve the colours of the main dish is paramount. It’s a perfect companion to fresh salads and vegetables. Excellent on fresh seafood, shellfish and white meats.

$19.95 250mL

Balsamic Vinegar from Modena
Vinegar Maker "Vigna d'Oro"
Red Label

A blend of select grape pressings and superb wine vinegar refined in various sized barrels made of fine woods like oak, chestnut, mulberry and cherry.
Color: Intense, ruby red with garnet highlights.
Flavor: Mellow and harmonious. Robust and well structured with a delicate tannic aftertaste.
Aroma: Intense, lingering bouquet. Pleasingly fresh, fruity aroma.
Best served with oven baked pasta dishes and delicate first courses. Excellent for adding flavor when cooking red and white meats. Ideal companion to steamed fish and shellfish salads.

$21.95 250mL